More Intervention Resources

If you are ready to carry out interventions, the resources in the list below can help you. The resources are organized under the following headings: Multiple Settings, Built Environment, Farms, Worksites, Child Care, Health Care, Schools/Children, and Other. There are thousands of resources available from the public and private sectors to aid you in implementing the interventions in your plan. This section of Moving to the Future focuses on helping you find resources that are available from state government agencies and non-governmental-organizations. The section Carrying Out the Interventions Guidance and Federal Government Resources includes resources that can help you implement the interventions in your plan available from Federal government agencies.






Built Environment









Child Care Providers



Health Care Providers









People work together in a number of ways, in coalitions, partnerships, committees, teams, task forces, and so on. The tools in Moving to the Future will help you no matter how your group is structured. To make Moving to the Future friendly to people working together in different ways, we use these group terms interchangeably. So, if you are working in a formal committee and Moving to the Future uses the word team, the information applies to you as well.


In Moving to the Future, the word program is defined broadly and could encompass any group of activities including projects, services, programs, and policy or environmental changes.

Nutrition and Physical Activity

In Moving to the Future, we often pair the wordnutrition with the phrase physical activity, as for example in “address the nutrition and physical activity needs” or “develop a nutrition and physical activity plan.” This does not suggest that these materials are only useful to people working on community-based nutrition AND physical activity programs. You can use the Moving to the Future resources to develop a plan focused only on nutrition or a plan focused only on physical activity. Moving to the Future provides guidance on a process–not on content. In fact, these materials could be adapted and used to develop a teen pregnancy prevention plan, for example, or a plan for any other community health priority.

Be Flexible & Realistic

Moving to the Future principles Flexible and Realistic are the bywords of this approach. The intent of Moving to the Future is to provide guidance. Use what is helpful and modify materials to meet your needs. Planning and implementing community-based programs is not work that can be done perfectly. Do the best you can, given your real-world limitations, and commit to making improvements every year.