Use the information, surveys, and worksheets in this chapter to conduct a community assessment.

Conduct a Community Assessment

Successful programs address the needs and wants of the community. The best way to find out what a community needs and what it wants, is to conduct a community assessment.

Conduct a Community Assessment – Chapter Overview

  • Community Assessment Progress Report–worksheet
  • How to Involve Partners–tip sheet

Define Community

The first step in conducting a community assessment is to define the community. This may seem obvious, but it’s often not done.

Defining Community – Overview

  • Community Definition Worksheet
  • Example Community Definition Worksheet

Gather and Analyze Information

This is the point where your coalition will gather facts, figures, opinions, and other information related to nutrition and physical activity on your community. Each section below includes a description, worksheets, and examples to help you do the work.

Community Data – Overview

Community Opinion – Overview

  • Using Focus Groups handout–tip sheet
  • Perceived Needs Summary
  • Which Technique is Best?–guidance
  • Media Survey–guidance and worksheets
  • Community Opinion Survey–guidance and worksheets
  • Key Informant Interview–guidance
  • Community Meetings– guidance
  • Focus Groups–resource list
  • Community Opinion Summary Sheet

Community Environment – Overview

  • Programs, Services, Policies and Environment Survey
  • Built Environment and Social Environment Audit
  • Community Resources and Environment Log
  • Community Environment Summary Sheet
  • Healthy Food and Beverage Tip Sheet
  • Other Community Environment Resources

Summarize and Report Information

Your committee has gathered and analyzed community health data and other community health information. The information and worksheets in this section can help you report your community health assessment results.