Moving to the Future Provides:

Step-by-step instructions for conducting a community assessment, writing objectives, developing a plan, or evaluating your program.

Forms, surveys, and worksheets in MSWord for you to download and adapt to your own needs.

Opportunities for skill-building training programs, webinars, teleconferences, and more.

This content teaches people how to develop, implement, and evaluate a plan

Nutrition and physical activity are included in the examples. Worksheets, tip sheets, sample forms, and examples are provided to help plan programs that improve the eating habits and physical activity habits of people in communities throughout the nation.

Moving to Future is a 5 Step Planning Process

  • 1. Community Assessment

    Successful programs address the needs and wants of the community. To find out what a community needs and what it wants, conduct a community assessment.


  • 2. Identify Priorities, Goals & Objectives

    After conducting the community assessment you are ready to get focused. Now you prioritize, write goals and objectives and decide what interventions to offer.


  • 3. Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan

    Now it’s time to get organized. Follow the plan template in this section to create a plan to improve the health of people in your community.


  • 4. Implementation

    Your team has worked hard to get to this point. Use the information and tools in this chapter to help you successfully carry out the activities you have planned.


  • 5. Evaluation

    If you have followed the “Moving to the Future” process, you have done most of the preparation work for a successful program. This chapter will help you analyze and evaluate your project.  


You’ll Need Funding to Get Your Project Off the Ground!

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