This chapter includes information, worksheets, and several examples to help you prioritize and write goals and objectives.

Determine Priorities and Write Goals & Objectives

After conducting the community assessment you are ready to get focused. Now you prioritize, write goals and objectives and decide what interventions to offer. This section includes information that you will use throughout your work in this chapter.

Prioritize Health Concerns

Your community assessment results may have generated several health issues that could be addressed. The materials in this section help your team focus on one or two issues. The materials help prioritize other things like a list of intervention ideas.

Set Health Goals

This section includes specific guidance on writing health goals.

Develop Objectives

Objectives provide direction on how to achieve a goal. These materials can help you write objectives and help make sure your team in offering the programs and services that will improve the health of people in your community.

  • Writing Objectives – Overview
    • Writing Objectives-worksheets
    • Example Writing Objectives Worksheets
    • Do We Have Program Gaps? Guidance and worksheet
    • Writing Objectives Cheat Sheet