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Center for Advanced Studies in Nutrition and Social Marketing: Environment & Individual Tools

Environmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool (ENACT)

Examination of Built Environment Instruments Addressing Health Promoting Behaviors

Healthier Food Retail: Beginning the Assessment Process in Your State or Community

Michigan's Healthy School Action Tools

North Carolina's Active Community Environments (ACEs)

Nutrition And Physical Activity Self Assessment For Child Care

Nutrition Environment Measures Survey (NEMS)

Pedestrian and Bicycle Data Collection

Reduced Items Foods Audits Based on Nutrition Environment Measures Survey

School Community Food Assessment

School Health Index

School Health Index (SHI): Self-Assessment & Planning Guide 2012

School Health Policies and Program Study

Tackling Hunger to Improve Health in Americans

Walkable Communities

Washington's Healthy Communities Toolkit

Wellness School Assessment Tool

Wisconsin's Active Community Environments (ACEs)