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Moving to the Future: Nutrition and Physical Activity Program Planning (Moving to the Future) is an online resource to help health professionals develop successful nutrition and physical activity programs. The focus is on planning. Program planning resources organize the process into anywhere from three to fourteen steps. Moving to the Future is organized around a five-step planning process:

  • Conduct a community assessment.
  • Determine priorities and write goals and objectives.
  • Develop a nutrition and physical activity plan.
  • Implement the plan.
  • Evaluate the plan.

Nutrition and physical activity are included in the examples and many of the program planning forms are tailored to nutrition and physical activity concerns. But, the content teaches people how to develop, implement, and evaluate a plan. Someone could use Moving to the Future to plan a comprehensive program to reduce underage drinking, and in fact, a community did use Moving to the Future to develop a multi-agency, countywide, plan to reduce underage drinking.

The information, worksheets, tip sheets, and other resources on this website are the outcome of a project to update and revise Moving to the Future: Developing Community-Based Nutrition Services and Moving to the Future: Developing Community-Based Nutrition Services (Workbook & Training Manual), published in 1996 and 1997 respectively. The new Moving to the Future has:

  • New content from start to end to reflect the growing field of planning community-based nutrition and physical activity programs.
  • Updated and new worksheets, tip sheets, sample forms, and examples.
  • Incorporated physical activity.
  • Greater emphasis on changing policy and the environment.
  • Everything online.
  • A discussion forum that lets you to learn from your peers.

Although it's called a revision, everything is new. We hope the ideas and information in this new resource help professionals be more successful in planning programs that improve the eating habits and physical activity habits of people in communities throughout the nation.

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