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Additional Community Data Worksheets

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  PDF/Acrobat    Race and Ethnicity Overview : This piece provides some background on the importance of race and ethnicity data in planning programs
  PDF/Acrobat    Data Resources : This piece includes a brief description of the data sets that you will likely use
  PDF/Acrobat    No Data Tip Sheet : Ideas on what to do if you do not have local data
  PDF/Acrobat    Community Data Summary Sheet : Use this one page worksheet to help you summarize the health issues of your community considering the data

The Race and Ethnicity Overview discusses why race and ethnicity data are relevant to people planning nutrition and physical activity programs. It also helps you understand the race and ethnicity numbers from the census data, and it includes suggested actions if your community includes racial and ethnic minority groups.

The Data Resources piece includes information on the government agencies involved with food and health data, information on the surveys you will use in the Nutrition & Physical Activity Profile Worksheets, and it lists some of the interactive databases that can generate state and local data for you.

The No Data Tip Sheet includes suggestions on what to do if you don't have local-level community data.

The Community Data Summary Sheet is provided for you to list, in one place, all the health concerns you identified considering only community data. You should not be prioritizing concerns at this point that will happen later.

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