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Alaska's Obesity Prevention Plan

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Alaska in Action, Alaskas Obesity Prevention and Control plan was designed for use by a wide variety of organizations and groups, and each group may focus on different components of the plan. School-based groups, for example, may want to pursue the strategies from each goal that are specific to the school environment. In contrast, nutrition groups may focus primarily on the aims and strategies that relate to the third goal of the plan, increasing the percentage of Alaskans who make healthy food choices.

In an effort to make the information in the plan easily accessible to these different audiences, the tables at the end of the plan summarize the goals, aims, and strategies that apply to several different settings. The three highlighted settings are schools, communities, and health care centers. An additional table summarizes the goals, aims, and strategies related to mass communications.

To see Alaska's plan click here. To learn more about Alaska's Obesity Prevention Program click here.

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