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Wisconsin's Obesity Prevention Plan

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The Wisconsin Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity State Plan was developed by the Wisconsin Partnership for Activity and Nutrition (WI PAN) and the Wisconsin Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program. The State Plan provides a framework or blueprint of evidence-based strategies and best practices for improving nutrition, increasing physical activity and reducing obesity in Wisconsin.

The Plan is targeted to those involved in planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating interventions or initiatives to address obesity in Wisconsin. We know that where people live, work, learn and plan affects their health. The focus of the State Plan is to create environments where children are able to be breastfed for at least the first year of life, where people have access to safe, affordable and nutritious foods and beverages, where they are able to be physically active as part of their daily routine, and to be deliberate in adapting strategies to reduce health disparities. In essence, making the healthy choice easier.

The State Plan is organized by setting (early care and education, school, food system, active community environment, worksite, and healthcare). The State Plan also contains strategies to strengthen and expand the statewide infrastructure, surveillance and evaluation to monitor and report progress.

With limited resources, the State Plan focused effort on strategies that will reach a large number of people and be sustainable into the future. We know that no one group or strategy will halt the obesity epidemic, it will take the collective commitment of all sectors to work together on a comprehensive approach.

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