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Kentucky's Obesity Prevention Plan

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In partnership with several agenices, the Kentucky Department for Public Health developed the The Kentucky Nutrition & Physical Activity State Action Plan 2005. This document includes Kentucky specific data, which will provide a basic understanding of the severity of the problem facing Kentucky, describes structural changes in society that have contributed to the problem, describes the CDC framework for addressing the problem and lists the goals, objectives and strategies Kentucky has set to address these issues.

The goals, objectives, and strategies cover a 10-year timeframe including the lead agency or organization charged with carrying out each strategy and describes the source of data for surveillance and evaluation. These goals, objectives, and strategies were developed after extensive public input into the problem.

Nine regional forums were held across Kentucky during the month of August 2004 attracting the participation of 1,300 public and private partners. Criteria for development of the strategies included three factors 1) high prevalence rates, 2) a clearly modifiable behavior (broadly constructed to include policies) and 3) that strategies be balanced across a variety of social-ecological areas and across intervention areas (from nutrition to physical activity, and from healthcare to schools).

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