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Iowa's Obesity Prevention Plan

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The Iowans Fit for Life State Plan, written by the Iowans Fit for Life Partnership, includes 10-year goals, objectives and strategies that address Iowans of all ages. The plan targets Iowans at all levels of the socio-ecological model:

  • individual,
  • interpersonal,
  • organizational,
  • community, and
  • policy.
The plan's interventions target six groups:
  1. agriculture and food systems,
  2. community,
  3. early childhood,
  4. educational settings,
  5. health care,
  6. older Iowans, and
  7. worksite wellness
The Iowans Fit for Life Partnership is a network of agencies and organizations from across the state with a vested interest in nutrition and physical activity. It includes partners from the private sector, local public health, and other state agencies.

To go directly to Iowa's comprehensive plan click here.

Learn more about Iowans Fit for Life at Iowans Fit for Life. The Iowans Fit for Life State Plan revision was completed and implemented in early 2010. The revised state plan is highly aligned with CDCs Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements.

To see Iowa's revised plan click here. The annual implementation plan was used for the first time in 2010. The implementation plan is annual and follows a calendar year. To see the annual implementation plan click here.

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