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Maryland's Obesity Prevention Plan

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The intent of the Maryland Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan (Plan) is to present a framework that will help Marylanders contribute to the effort to make healthy food choices and physical activity opportunities available throughout the state. This plan is the first step toward the achievement of the Maryland Nutrition and Physical Activity Program mission: to prolong the length and improve the quality of life of all Maryland citizens through healthy eating and increased physical activity.

The nutrition and physical activity plan is a ten-year action plan to reduce the burden of obesity and chronic disease. In Maryland, the levels of overweight and obesity are on the rise. In 2003, an estimated 2.3 million (59 percent) Maryland adults were overweight or obese. Furthermore, the prevalence of obesity increased 34 percent between 1995 and 2003. The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene collaborated with partners from across the state to develop the plan. T

he goals of the Plan are to encourage and enable the citizens of Maryland to adopt and maintain healthy eating habits and lead physically active lifestyles to prolong the length and quality of life. The intermediate objectives are the action steps for the next ten years. By reaching the plans intermediate objectives, the state will begin to reverse the levels of overweight and obesity. The strategies laid out in the Plan suggest and encourage ways for us as individuals, as families, as community, to respond to how and what we eat, and ways in which we can be more physically active throughout life. It will shape our thinking and our response not only as individuals and families, but also for the settings we find ourselves in, such as our environment, businesses, healthcare, and schools.

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