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Alabama's Obesity Prevention Plan

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The goal of the State Obesity Task Force was to develop and implement a comprehensive, realistic state plan which will reduce the worsening obesity epidemic in Alabama. The plan was not to change approaches already in progress, but rather to create a uniform approach to reduce obesity. The Alabama State Obesity Plan provides goals and objectives to follow at various social-ecological levels.

The plan provides various approaches to address the impact of obesity on Alabamas citizens including education and awareness, lifestyle and behavioral choices, community-based environmental strategies, school and worksite improvements, and policy development or changes. This plan does not address pharmacological or medical interventions, however, these are also appropriate for certain individuals based on established medical criteria.

It is our hope that the plan is used statewide as a reference for selecting approaches to implement. It can be beneficial in setting formal goals, such as in a corporate business plan, as well as in informal settings, such as a community project.

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