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Missouri's Obesity Prevention Plan

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Missourians live in an environment that promotes poor eating habits and discourages physical activity in daily routines. Because obesity is one of the most serious health problems facing society today, all Missourians must take action to help end this epidemic. To guide this effort, Missouri has developed a strategic plan to combat the states obesity problem. The plan is entitled, Preventing Obesity and Other Chronic Diseases: Missouris Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan.

The plan was created by the Missouri Council on the Prevention and Management of Overweight and Obesity with input from Missouri residents who attended six public meetings held throughout the state and commented via the Internet. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is facilitating the development and implementation of the plan.

The plan addresses the need to increase physical activity levels, improve dietary intake, increase the effectiveness of the health care system in obesity prevention and treatment, and strengthen health-related policies in Missouri. The plan includes goals, strategies and actions that Missouri can use to improve the health of its residents. The plan focuses on five main areas: families, communities, schools, health care services, and public policy.

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