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Georgia's Obesity Prevention Plan

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The Georgia Department of Human Resources convened a statewide wide group of nutrition and physical activity professionals to develop a ten-year Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan that addresses the alarming rise of obesity in our state. More than sixty percent of adult Georgians are obese or overweight. Obesity is a major public health challenge for Georgia and for the nation.

Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, several forms of cancer and other chronic health problems. It can reverse the progress we have made fighting these diseases, increase human suffering and contribute to the escalating cost of our health care system. Citizens, schools, healthcare organizations and communities are acknowledging the seriousness and far-reaching impact of the obesity epidemic and have recognized that something must be done.

Since obesity is a vast problem affecting over half of Georgias population, solutions and strategies must be implemented where Georgians live, work, and play. Therefore, the plan includes a broad and evidenced-based approach to preventing and controlling obesity.

This ten-year strategic plan focuses on improving nutrition and physical activity to prevent obesity and other related chronic diseases, specifically: increasing breastfeeding, improving healthy eating, increasing physical activity and decreasing television viewing/screen time in a variety of settings through educational, policy and environmental approaches.

The target population for the plan is all Georgians, which includes children and their families (especially low income families), adults, older adults, and specific racial and ethnic groups (such as African Americans and Latinos).

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