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South Carolina's Obesity Prevention Plan

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Obesity is a complex condition, with behavioral, biological, and environmental factors, and the causes are not yet completely understood. However, for most people, overweight and obesity are the result of an imbalance between caloric intake and caloric expenditure. Healthy lifestyles that include regular physical activity and good eating habits are the most effective way to prevent obesity, yet these goals are often difficult for people to achieve in todays society.

To address these factors and influences, a comprehensive strategic approach for South Carolina has been developed. This framework for action, Moving South Carolina Towards a Healthy Weight: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Communities, is based on the best scientific evidence currently available. Activities and initiatives outlined will address the full spectrum of South Carolina life, from corporate boardrooms to rural churches; from medical centers to daycare centers to strategically influence individuals, families, communities, organizations, and the policies and environments that shape our behavior. This framework can be used by policy makers, individuals, and organizations at all levels to guide and inform actions and activities to create supportive environments for a healthier South Carolina.

For more information about South Carolina's Obesity Prevention & Control program and to view the state obesity prevention plan click here.