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Massachusetts' Obesity Prevention Plan

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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) with the support from a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, facilitated bringing together the Partnership for Healthy Weight (PHW), a collaborative to develop and implement a statewide nutrition and physical activity action plan to address overweight and obesity.

The Partnership represents more than 100 groups committed to reducing overweight and obesity in Massachusetts, united as a coalition for change. Its goal is to catalyze and support initiatives that remove barriers and increase opportunities for healthy eating, active living, and routine screening for diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obesity. The Partnerships plan of action, The Health of Massachusetts: A Coordinated Response to Overweight and Obesity details the strategies that will be implemented statewide and locally to stem the overweight epidemic and assure a healthier future for Massachusetts. It shares recommendations for moving Massachusetts toward the national goal of assuring that at least 95% of children and 60% of adults are at a healthy weight by 2010.

The Partnership selected its objectives from hundreds of possibilities based on available data, importance, and feasibility, given the resources and strengths of Partnership members.

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