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Pennsylvania's Obesity Prevention Plan

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The Pennsylvania Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan (PaNPA Plan) was developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and its stakeholders. The plan's development is based on the following key concepts:

  • Promote the recognition of overweight and obesity as major public health problems.
  • Assist Pennsylvanians in balancing healthful eating with regular physical activity to achieve and maintain a healthy or healthier body weight.
  • Identify effective and culturally appropriate interventions to prevent and treat overweight and obesity.
  • Encourage environmental changes that help prevent overweight and obesity.
  • Develop and enhance public-private partnerships to help implement this vision.

Pennsylvania has a large statewide coalition, Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity (PANA). PANA is funded by the Department of Health to improve nutrition and physical activity statewide through policy and environment interventions. The mission of the PaNPA Plan is to create a Pennsylvania where individuals, communities and public and private entities share the responsibility for developing an environment to support and promote active lifestyles and access to healthy food choices. The plan presents strategies and activities necessary for community-based interventions to increase healthy eating and physical activity opportunities.

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